Our solutions for bountiful blooms and abundant yields are deeply rooted in a reverence for our Earth and those who call it home. Our family of Organocide®, Plant Doctor® and Nutra-Sorb® pesticides, fertilizers and agricultural products offers ways to help you grow healthier and more productive plants, protect bees and other beneficial insects, and care for the environment we all share.


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More than nine out of ten gardening enthusiasts who tried Organocide® BEE SAFE 3-in-1 Garden Spray expressed satisfaction with their experience.

“It was easy to use and I felt better about it than using other bug sprays knowing it doesn’t harm bees.”

Katy D.

“I used it on my peppers and it got rid of the whiteflies. I was about to give up and now I’m back to making my spices again. Thank you.”

Andrew K.

“Natural product. Quick results!! No nasty odors!!”

Jan D.

“Safe for bees and effective at treating disease on my plumerias.”

Michele W.

“All the sudden it changed my garden’s health and I was able to enjoy my garden once again.”

Chelsea C.

“It was easy to use, had many options for small or large applications, and seemed quite effective in a relatively short amount of time.”

Steve G.

2020 Consumer Qualitative Market Study conducted for Organic Labs, Inc.”


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