Since 1996, Organic Laboratories, Inc. has been proving that environmentally friendly pesticides and fertilizers also can deliver the high performance sought by professionals as well as home gardeners.

Products for Professionals and Avid Gardening Enthusiasts

We began by meeting the demanding criteria of commercial growers, citrus markets and golf courses, before expanding into the retail market to serve gardening enthusiasts. From the start, the formulas we produced were designed to work as well or better than those with harsh chemicals—making them prime choices for ALL growers, not just those committed to organic practices.

Science-Based Solutions

We engage in ongoing research and development to expand our capabilities and the users and industries we serve. Reflecting our environmental stewardship, our products are either: pure organic OMRI Listed® by the Organic Materials Review Institute, organic/synthetic blends, or Earth-friendly synthetics with low environmental impact.

Today, Organic Laboratories brands include:

Organocide® – BEE SAFE retail pesticides
Plant Doctor® – Retail fertilizers
Nutra-Sorb® – agricultural products

As more people recognize the importance of treating our planet with respect and protecting the pollinators our ecosystems depend on, we’re here to supply products proven to be effective at creating long-lasting vitality, abundant yield and overall healthy plant life.

Thanks for your interest in our family of Earth-friendly solutions. Please feel free to contact us with your questions. Our products are available at a variety of select retailers. Find one near you.


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