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Hay Maker® Liquid Fertilizer Concentrate for Pastures and Other Grasses Makes a Difference!

Hay Maker® is the easy answer for anyone considering what kind of fertilizer to use on hay fields. It’s a slow-release liquid foliar fertilizer with micronutrients that can be used on all grass types. Is it the cheapest way to fertilize pasture for exceptional results? Consider what the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension found when they performed a protein-content test on hay that was treated with Hay Maker® vs. untreated hay. Their study revealed that using Hay Maker 18-3-4 could:

  • Increase forage production of pastures
  • Increase hay yield
  • Increase protein content up to +30%

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Answers to Common Questions About Hay Maker® Application

How much fertilizer per acre of pasture am I applying with your dilution rate?
When diluted at the recommended dilution ratio you are obtaining .36-.06-.08 NPK per acre.

How soon after application is it okay to bale my hay?
It all depends on the moisture content you are trying to achieve at the time of bailing. You can actually bale the same day.

Can I use Hay Maker® as a soil application?
Hay Maker® is not designed for soil application. It is formulated to be a slow-release nitrogen for foliar application. It sticks to the leaf and provides a sustained foliar feeding lasting up to 2 weeks. The sustained release of nitrogen to the plant and the amino acids in Hay Maker® are responsible for the quick grow back and the increased protein levels in the leaf. To satisfy your soil nitrogen you should use a farm-grade granular fertilizer and use Hay Maker® as a supplement to speed your grow back and increase your protein content.

Can I use Hay Maker® on my lawn?
Yes. Hay Maker® is designed for farmers but many of our customers have used it on their lawns with great success. When applying it to your lawn we recommend the following dilution rates: Apply 6 ounces of Hay Maker® per gallon of water for every 1,000 sq. ft. Applications should be applied 1-2 times per month as needed.


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