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Find the best fertilizer for grass with a solution formulated for your application and specific challenges. Our Plant Doctor® and Nutra-Sorb® products employ environmentally conscious innovations to deliver precisely what your growing needs require.

Plant Doctor® Hay Maker® 18-3-4 Fertilizer

  • Fertilizer
  • Slow-release formula for sustained foliar feeding of all grass types.
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Nutra-Sorb® AXON Plus 3-0-6

  • Turf Defense Activator
  • Promotes green-up and recovery from environmental stress without growth surge.

Nutra-Sorb® PHYTO-FOS 0-28-26

  • Supplemental Potassium Fertilizer
  • Delivers phosphorus in a more-effective PO3 form to help turf better handle stress.

Nutra-Sorb® K-SIL 0-0-12

  • Potassium Silicate Turf Fertilizer

  • Supplies 7% plant-soluble silica for growth, stress-resistance and other benefits.

Nutra-Sorb® 30-0-0

  • Premium Nitrogen Source

  • Provides nitrogen efficiently absorbable by roots and leaves in turf and ornamental plantings.

Nutra-Sorb® 25-0-0

  • Slow-Release Nitrogen

  • Specially formulated to encourage color response in turf.

Nutra-Sorb® K-PRIME 0-0-25

  • Potassium Acetate Fertilizer
  • Provides a safer form of liquid potassium allowing far greater foliar uptake.

Nutra-Sorb® 12-0-12

  • Balanced Turf & Ornamental Fertilizer
  • Supplies an even balance of nitrogen and potassium.

Nutra-Sorb® FOSILICA 0-20-26

  • Slow-Release Nitrogen + Silica

  • Supplies PO3 phosphite and potassium silicate—two powerful plant-stress fighters.

Nutra-Sorb® SEACal® 5-0-0

  • Kelp Plus 8% Calcium

  • Delivers an advanced form of calcium and magnesium for superior foliar uptake.

Nutra-Sorb® PTO

  • Professional Turf and Ornamental Micronutrients

  • Provides supplemental micronutrients in a liquid form.


  • Soil Wetting Agent

  • Encourages return of moisture-favoring microbes to control localized dry spots (LDS).

Nutra-Sorb® BIO-CARB Soil Food

  • Soil Food

  • Provides minerals and other nutrients essential to microorganisms in “The Soil Food Web.”