white screw top container of nutrasorb axon plus 3-0-6 turf defense activator with label with grass and dirt

Nutra-Sorb® AXON Plus 3-0-6 Turf Defense Activator

Nutra-Sorb AXON Plus 3-0-6 is a formulation of plant growth activators and nutrients that gives turf maximum protection and recovery from environmental stress while promoting root growth and green-up without growth surge.

  • Superior to all other potassium sources for foliar uptake
  • No harsh, aggressive potassium salts = gentle on turf
  • Up to 5 times the foliar uptake of other forms of potassium
  • Iron citrate for fast green-up without growth surge
  • Intensifies chlorophyll contact for increased carbohydrate production and stress resistance
  • Natural source of nutrients which plays a vital role in protecting turf from stress
  • Increases tillering and feeder root development for increased stress resistance
  • Promote a-tocopherol, an antioxidant implicated in the prevention of water stress
  • Triggers turf to produce defensive mechanisms that combat environmental stress
  • Exogenously applied amino acids conserve turf energy that would have been used for amino acid production, allowing turf to focus on stress fighting carbohydrate production
  • Provides sand-based greens with the same important organic acids found naturally in high organic soils, resulting in more vigorous and stress-resistant turf
  • Spikes “The Soil Food Web” in root zone resulting in a more productive root zone
  • Productive root zones are essential for creating highly, close-cut greens
  • Especially useful for adding organic matter to sand-based greens

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