Nutra-Sorb® K-SIL Potassium Silicate Leaf Fertilizer

Nutra-Sorb K-SIL 0-0-12 is a supplemental potassium fertilizer containing 7% plant-soluble silica. Although not recognized as a plant nutrient, there is ample evidence that increased silica absorption offers several important benefits in plant production. Among these are enhanced growth, increased yields, induced resistance to stress and physical damage, freeze resistance, improved water economy, and resistance to salt stress.

  • Silica deposits itself in the external surface of cell walls forming a mechanical barrier and facilitates physical hardening
  • Turf becomes rigid and upright in growth habits, resulting in increased photosynthesis
  • Silica treated turf typically exhibits faster greens, cleaner cuts, and fewer ball marks
  • The perfect pre-tournament or high traffic area product
  • Research has shown silica to induce resistance to environmental stresses and physical damage.
  • Silica is proven to mediate adverse affects of excess sodium in soils
  • Silica helps manage water relations in the plant and induces drought resistance
  • Although exceedingly abundant in most soils, silica is extremely slowly available to plants
  • The silica provided by K-Sil is readily available to the plant and will begin to provide benefits in a matter of days
  • Increased yields and shoot & root growth have been reported in several crop studies
  • Silica plays an important role in DNA and RNA synthesis, facilitating the development of proteins and chlorophyll

Product Information & Documentation
Manufacturer’s Safety Data Sheet: MSDS
Product Information Sheet: INFO


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