Nutra-Sorb® PHYTO-FOS 0-28-26 Supplemental Potassium Fertilizer

Nutra-Sorb PHYTO-FOS 0-28-26 contains a nutrient radically different from anything in the past: phosphorous in the PO3 form instead of the traditional PO4. This new form of phosphorous is the driving force behind many plant reactions and is what makes Phyto-Fos so unique.


PO3 moves quickly and systemically throughout the plant, getting phosphorous into areas where it is needed the most for stress resistance, root development, new shoot growth and tillering.


Phyto-Fos benefits can be summed up with the “Three R’s”: turf is always in a constant state of Resisting, Repairing and Recovering from some form of stress whether it is from close-cut fast greens, heat, drought, high traffic, poor soil, insects or just a lot of unknowns that challenge turf’s survival.

Phyto-Fos helps turf: Resist, Repair and Recover from environmental stresses.


Fast: When applied to turf Phyto-Fos is rapidly absorbed across cell walls and its beneficial effects are immediate.

Energy: Phyto-Fos has what chemists call “high energy bonds” Within cells these bonds break and plant energy is released.

Energy Storage Battery: Released energy is stored in “ATP” which powers all physiological functions in turf, such as photosynthesis, root & shoot growth.

Metabolism Increase: During this heightened energy period cells have increased energy to Resist, Repair & Recover from environmental stresses.

Product Information & Documentation

Manufacturer’s Safety Data Sheet: MSDS


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