Nutra-Sorb® SEACal™ Kelp Plus 8% Calcium

Nutra-Sorb® SEACal™ 5-0-0 plus 8% Calcium is an advanced form of calcium and magnesium. The nutrients are reacted with an organic acid for superior foliar uptake. Kelp is a rich source of natural nutrients, amino acids and plant sugars that increase root growth and tillering.

  • Organic acid increases foliar uptake of calcium and magnesium
  • Superior translocation of calcium & magnesium
  • SeaCal has superior mixing properties
  • Promotes root growth up to 20-30% over controls
  • Promotes antioxidants for increased tolerance to stress
  • Up to 40% greater core mass under drought conditions
  • Kelp extracts promote cell expansion and tillering
  • Ample supply of calcium is needed to keep pace with the rapid cell expansion and tillering
  • Magnesium magnifies chlorophyll product, resulting in more plant energy

Product Information & Documentation
Manufacturer’s Safety Data Sheet: MSDS
Product Information Sheet: INFO


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