Nutra-Sorb® SORBA-GRO BIO Soil Wetting Agent

Nutra-Sorb® SORBA-GRO BIO represents a revolution in controlling localized dry spots (LDS) and hydrophobic soils in general.

Unlike anything else, SORBA-GRO BIO addresses both the physical and biological aspects of treating (LDS). SORBA-GRO BIO corrects LDS by manipulating soil ecology by increasing microbes that favor normal soil moisture conditions at the expense of those that favor dry, LDS conditions.

The Cause of LDS is Biological

It is an accepted theory that LDS is caused by certain microbes that secrete water-repellent, waxy coatings around sand particles. These microbes (LDS type) depend upon dry conditions for their survival and these waxy coatings around sand particles protect them from moisture, creating an environment well suited for them, but at the expense of microbes favoring normal soil moisture conditions. Once LDS-type microbes become the dominant population, LDS is persistent and difficult to control. Anytime a traditional soil wetting agent is used, the LDS type microbes retreat into their waxy “bunkers” and return with a flourish once the wetting agent degrades and is no longer effective.

SORBA-GRO BIO Accomplishes Two Major Goals

A revolutionary, hybrid product combining an effective soil wetting agent with a potent microbial stimulant, SORBA-GRO BIO ensures that:

  1. Moisture is evenly distributed throughout the root zone, even in the most hydrophobic soil.
  2. A complex microbial food source is carried directly into the soil profile and root zone, resulting in a sharp increase in microbes that favor normal soil moisture.

Ultimate Goal: Create Productive Root Zones

To achieve the highest level of root zone productivity and turf quality, microbes need a constant source of soil food. This can be accomplished by linking SORBA-GRO BIO in a program with other products containing high levels of soil food. While the soil wetting properties of SORBA-GRO BIO may last for 30 days or longer, the soil food it contains will be consumed in only 7-14 days depending on temperature.

That is why it is important to apply a soil food source every 7-14 days for optimum results. This can be accomplished in a programmed approach with BioCarb Soil Food or other products by Terra Nova containing a measure of the exclusive Biocarb Soil Food formula.

SORBA-GRO BIO ensures uniform movement, distribution and availability of moisture throughout the root zone and at the same time moves concentrated soil food into the root zone. This results in a sharp increase in microbes that favor normal soil moisture conditions at the expense of those creating LDS conditions.

Product Information & Documentation
Manufacturer’s Safety Data Sheet: MSDS
Product Information Sheet: INFO


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