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Tomato Maker® Product Information & Documentation

PLANT DOCTOR® Tomato Maker® 4-2-6

Tomato Maker® 4-2-6 is a revolutionary fertilizer made with micronized nutrients, a technology far superior to old granular fertilizers. Fortified with iron, magnesium and slow-release calcium that will correct deficiencies responsible for blossom end rot. Loaded with humates, which stimulate root growth. Ideal for use from seedling stage to harvest. One 3 lb. resealable bag will treat up to 30 plants through the entire growing season. Tomato Maker® can be used on other fruits and vegetables too!

  • Corrects nutritional deficiencies responsible for blossom end rot

  • Contains natural sources of nutrients for firm, tasty tomatoes

  • Supplemented with iron, magnesium and calcium

  • Can be used on all vegetables



  • A 4-2-6 plant food fortified with Calcium and Magnesium.
  • Tomato Maker provides all the nutrients necessary for robust and tasty tomatoes!
  • Can be used on all fruits and vegetables for general purpose plant nutrition item.
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